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Qualifications & Experience

My background prior to being in private practice has been within the NHS both as a practitioner and Manager of Services.  Therefore I have experience of both individual distress as well as organisational and professional development.  Before I became a Counsellor in 2001 I was employed in Education as an ICT Training, Development and Support Officer.

I qualified as a practitioner in 2001, following completion of a BA(Hons) in Counselling and Psychology and continued with my studies completing an MA in Managing Change in 2003.  In 2007 I successfully gained my Post Graduate Certificate in Supervision.

I am a Registered and Accredited Counsellor with BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) and which is the governing body for a Counsellor, ensuring excellence in practice and training.  I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework and code of conduct which can be found by going to  This includes some of my values, principles and personal moral qualities present through the therapeutic working relationship.  I have also completed the NICE recommended Counselling for Depression Training Programme for IAPT.

My Training and experience has enabled me to work with a wide range of clients over a variety of issues, some of which include:

*   Stress

*   Work Related Issues

*   Depression and Anxiety

*   Abuse

*   Relationship

*   Trauma

*   Bereavement and loss through separation or redundancy

*   Low self esteem and self confidence

*   Self Development.

I am also experienced in pscyho educational groupwork particularly in relation to low self esteem and confidence issues, bereavement and loss and stress related difficulties.

Additionally my MA in Managing Change equipped me as a former Manager to have insight and experience in working with Teams and their related dynamics, Building and Development of Teams, Organisational Efficiency and Personal Performance Improvement associated with Developing Organisations.  I therefore have a wealth of understanding and insight into organisational change and transformation and the personal and professional difficulties this can present.  I therefore find this helpful when working with work related difficulties, and can offer training and consultancy in this area.

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