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I have been a qualified Supervisor (Post Graduate Certificate – Leeds University) since 2007 and since that time I have acquired extensive Supervisory experience with individuals working within the NHS, Voluntary/Third Sector, Educational Establishments and Private Practice.


My approach to Supervision  is humanistic, collaborative and integrative in providing a safe, reflective and supportive space by which I can  “meet with you” in honouring your approach to Counselling whilst also encouraging you to embrace different perspectives to expand your abilities when and where appropriate.  My non- judgmental ethos guides our work together in order to explore  your client work as well as your own growing potential as a Therapist/Counsellor.


As my Supervisory training encompassed the “Seven Eyed” model for those working in the Helping Professions, along with Psychodynamic and Humanistic perspectives I draw from these theories, together with CBT, TA and Inner child work.


If this sounds like Supervision you would like to engage in, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with me so that we can arrange an introductory session, at no charge, in order to explore further whether I am able to provide a helpful Supervisory Relationship for you.  


  • My fee is £50 per hour








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