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Change Management

I completed an MA in Managing Change in 2003 which foccused on Organisational Develoment exploring principles, processes and performance from theories of Mintzberg and Handy, Herzberg and his motivating factors fuelling growth and change, along with Bloom's and Kolb's understanding of styles of learning as an important aspect to developing others.  Goldmans' principles and methods of developing peoples beliefs and attitudes through Emotional Intelligence was also noted as being important to the influence of others.

As Organisations develop they will find themselves in many different contexts using a wide range of methods and processes to bring about their desired changes.  It is therefore necessary to recognise that people and their ways of being will play a large part within this.  Therefore I can offer understanding and facilitation in the development of people and not just their skills.​

As Organisational Development is an interdisciplinary approach that draws from fields such as management, business, psychology, sociology, education and training, my own training, skills and experience in these fields to date have placed me in an insightful position to offer change management consultancy and facilitation within any organisation that is currently undergoing growth, change and development.

By using an external OD consultant this can give benefit to capturing varying views which may not be seen internally - What one might see, the other might not see, or might see differently, therefore strengthening the eventual outcome of the work.  Additionally, by not being a part of the organisational culture, I am able to "say it as it is".

My values at all times are around respect and inclusion, collaboration, authenticity, self awareness and empowerment.


Fee on application.

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