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Prior to my background within the NHS as a practitioner, supervisor and service manger, I spent 10 years in Education as a Training, Development and Support Officer.  I qualified as a Trainer in 1992, and worked in IT, training education staff in the benefits of using computers, although I had been employed in a training capacity long before taking any formal qualifications in this field. 

I have extensive experience in training, as since then, and throughout my time within the NHS, I have continued to be involved in psycho educational courses, latterly around Stress, which can often be work-related.  This course aims to offer insight into how the body works in order to recognise the symptoms early, learn how to manage these in the short-term and look at making lifestyle changes in the longer term in order to help change your reactions and responses to your stressors for overall wellbeing.  This can be of benefit in getting you back to work if you have been feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your job and allow you to be able to feel confident that you can manage the challenges your work can create.

Additionally I have developed courses around assertiveness skills and confidence building, along with understanding the process of loss and adjustment. 

I am happy to offer bespoke training for you on request.

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